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Diving in Cyprus with Survival Dive Stop

Diving in Cyprus with Survival Dive Stop

Flori Georgescu - Thursday, April 12, 2018

Why choose Cyprus?

Cyprus it's self is on one of the most beautiful Mediterranean Islands. Boosting an average of 330 days sunshine per year. Day time air temperatures in the winter are frequently in the mid teens. While Summer air temperatures reach high thirties to low forty's. Water temperatures range form 16 degrees in the winter to 29 degrees in the summer. Underwater visibility is classed as some in the best in the world. It's not uncommon to experience visibility of 35 plus metres.

In recent years Cyprus has had an increase in visiting tourists from around the world making the Island a preferred choice for many visitors. The winter conditions in Cyprus make it an appealing destination for some winter sunshine.

Diving in Cyprus


Survival Dive Stop is located in the popular resort of Pernera situated on the south eastern part of the Island. Diving around this part of the coast line is considered to the best on the Island with the world famous MV Zenobia ship wreck being just a 45 drive form the dive centre.

The Zenobia is considered to be one of the top 5 wrecks in the world diving on the wreck shouldn't be missed by dives visiting Cyprus Survival Dive Stop offer regular recreational dive trips to the wreck of the Zenobia giving the diver a truly memorable trip. We can also tailor make dive packages to all dive sites and the Zenobia including technical and penetration dives.

The area of Cape Grecko is classed as an area of outstanding natural beauty both above and beneath the surface. There are some superb dives in this area including the Caves & Tunnels a unique dive offering divers the chance to swim through natural tunnels and exiting the water through what is known locally as the “blow hole” A large natural hole in the top of a shallow cave. This site has a maximum depth of 12M making it perfect for all levels of divers.

Other popular sites in the Cape Grecko area include Cyclops and the Chapel both of these dives are scenic wall dives offering divers depths form 3M to 30M and beyond for suitability qualified divers.

Another very popular site for visiting divers is Green bay. Diving this site is a must for visiting divers. You will be amazed by the amount of marine life you will see on this dive it is like diving in an aquarium coupled with a visit to the underwater statues makes this a memorable dive.

Green Bay is also the perfect option for introduction dives and diver training as the site offers pool like conditions ideal for confined water. With a gentle slopping bottom leading to a large plateau with a depth of 3-4M, divers can then drop to a huge sandy bottom with a maximum depth of 10M.

If you are planning a dive trip to the beautiful Island of Cyprus be sure to contact Survival Dive Stop for the best dive experience in the area.



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