• BC Masterlift Adventure M


    BC Masterlift Adventure M
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    • In stock! Sports equipmeent Cyprus BC Masterlift Adventure M

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    Survival Sports Product Code: BEUBCJADVM345352

    BC Masterlift Adventure M



    Pre-equipped to take WPS: Weight Positioning System
    Delivered with removable quick-release WPS buckles (quick-release ballast pockets available as an option)
    2 single-zip pockets with C-openings for easier access
    Excellent support ensured by the adjustable cummerbund belt and chest strap
    Special left and right-handed octopus housing
    Concealed hose holder keeps pressure gauge handy
    2x 40mm aluminium D-rings and 2x 40mm plastic D-rings above the pockets plus 2 oblong plastic D-rings 40mm wide
    Light-reflecting trim for safety
    Grey tab for easy identification
    Bladder in 420 denier material



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