• Tusa bcj liberator jacket


    Tusa bcj liberator jacket
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    Tusa bcj liberator jacket

    The highly anticipated Tusa Liberator Sigma II buoyancy compensator (BC0101B) is a heavy duty, wrap-around jacket style BC that utilises TUSA's Advanced Weight Loading System and Ultimate Stabilising Harness, which ensures security and stability. With its two large, double zippered pockets with mesh drainage, you can maximise utility and function.

    Weight Integrated with Balanced pockets

    Priced more like an entry level BCD the Tusa Liberator Sigma II is a feature rich jacket that makes it seem more like a mid to top-end BCD, yet it's light enough to travel with and is equally at home in cold water. The stand-out feature is the pair of cavernous double-zipped pockets. They will easily accommodate a large DSMB, medium sized reel, torch and you would still have room for other gizmos.

    The integrated weight pockets will take 4kg each and there is also a couple of trim-weight pockets at the rear of the BCD that will take a further 2kg each making a total of 12kg. The quick release mechanism for the pouches works well being one of the best on the market.

    The BCD attaches firmly to scuba cylinders via two polymer rails that run down the back of the BC, fixed to the backplate. You get one stainless stell D-ring on the right shoulder and four plastic ones around the pockets, which is fine for most recreational/sport divers.

    This BCD is excellent value for money and is as at home for diving in temperate waters of southern Australia as it is away in the tropics.

    Tusa Liberator Sigma II Jacket BCD Features

    • Ultimate Stabilizing Harness
    • 2 large double zippered pockets
    • A.W.L.S. Advanced Weight Loading System
    • 2 dump valves (OPEV + 1)
    • 1 stainless steel and 4 resin D-rings
    • 500D Cordura Nylon

    Advanced Weight Loading System (A.W.L.S.)
    TUSA's patented Advanced Weight Loading System (A.W.L.S.) allows the diver to insert weight into both left and right weight cartridges eliminating the need for a weight belt. Rear trim pockets combine with the A.W.L.S. to optimally balance the weight load on each TUSA integrated BC jacket.


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