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The Scuba O'ring SpecialisedScuba Gaskets The o-ring supplier in Cyprus


The Science of Scuba O-Rings!

Scuba Gaskets O-Rings are specifically manufactured for Scuba diving applications.

VITON ® Green O-Rings for Pure O₂ Gas

viton green pack and orings Viton® Green O-rings pure O₂ gas

O-Rings for diving computers

O-Rings for diving computers-Suunto O-rings for Suunto & Oceanic diving computers


EPDM_600x600 EPDM-70Sh-85Sh Scuba O-Rings

NBR-Sh70 Nitrile Scuba O-rings

nbr70 NBR-Sh 70 Scuba O-Rings Soft

NBR Sh 90 Nitrile Scuba O-rings

nbr90 NBR-Sh90 Scuba O-Rings.Hard

VITON®-O-rings for Nitrox

viton Viton®- Scuba O-Rings


POLY_600x600 Polyurethane Sh90 Scuba O-Rings

O-Ring Tools &


seat stainless steel italy O-Rings tools & Parts for scuba gear service.